Holy prophet:Surely, God will be angered by Fatimahs displeasure and will be pleased by her pleasure.

Imam Ali (PBUH): He who commands you to improve your soul is the best whom you obey

Imam sadiq(PBUH): God will help a believer so long as he seeks to help his brethren.

Holy Prophet(PBUH): Man is influenced by the faith of his friends be careful of whom you associate with.

Imam sadiq(PBUH):By treating one’s family members well, one will prolong his life.

Holy Prophet (PBUH): Fātimah is the dearest person to me.

Imam Ali (PBUH): He who is moderate shall not taste poverty.

The Anniversary Of The Beginning Imamatt Of Majesty Mahdi (P.U.H)

The anniversary of the beginning Imamatt of Majesty Mahdi (P.U.H)

Holding a big student Conference who companion of Majesty Mahdi(P.U.H) with more than four Thousand University students from around the country.

The Institute of Lady's Khadijeh and the Iranian Leadership Institute at Universities will coincide with the arrival at 9 Rabi Al_Aval, The anniversary of the beginning Imamatt of Majesty Mahdi (P.U.H) The 11th largest student conference of Mahdi companion, With more than four thousand students from across the country in the  Jamkaran Mosque.

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