Imam Ali (PBUH) : save your property to the extent that you need and forward the rest to that day you will need to it.

Imam Ali (PBUH): Oh the son of Adam! Whatever you earn in addition to your daily bread, indeed you save it for others.

Imam Hadi(PBUH): People are respected in this world for possessing wealth and in the Hereafter for possessing righteous deeds.

Imam Ali (PBUH) : Wisdom is the lost of a believer, so seek to learn it even through hypocrites.

Imam Sadiq (PBUH) :People are in need of three things: security, justice, and welfare.

The Anniversary Of The Beginning Imamatt Of Majesty Mahdi (P.U.H)

The anniversary of the beginning Imamatt of Majesty Mahdi (P.U.H)

Holding a big student Conference who companion of Majesty Mahdi(P.U.H) with more than four Thousand University students from around the country.

The Institute of Lady's Khadijeh and the Iranian Leadership Institute at Universities will coincide with the arrival at 9 Rabi Al_Aval, The anniversary of the beginning Imamatt of Majesty Mahdi (P.U.H) The 11th largest student conference of Mahdi companion, With more than four thousand students from across the country in the  Jamkaran Mosque.

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