Holy prophet:Surely, God will be angered by Fatimahs displeasure and will be pleased by her pleasure.

Imam Ali (PBUH): He who commands you to improve your soul is the best whom you obey

Imam sadiq(PBUH): God will help a believer so long as he seeks to help his brethren.

Holy Prophet(PBUH): Man is influenced by the faith of his friends be careful of whom you associate with.

Imam sadiq(PBUH):By treating one’s family members well, one will prolong his life.

Holy Prophet (PBUH): Fātimah is the dearest person to me.

Imam Ali (PBUH): He who is moderate shall not taste poverty.

The Departure Of EB Patients Along With Pilgrims From 20 Provinces Of The Country To Karbala

The departure of EB patients along with pilgrims from 20 provinces of the country to Karbala

The dispatch of eleven buses of the lovers awaiting the pilgrimage of Amir al-Momenin (p.b.u.h) and Aba Abdullah al-Hussein (PBUH) after many years of waiting.

According to the Public Relations Department of Khadijeh Charity Foundation, yesterday, eleven bus lines of lovers waiting for the pilgrimage of Amir al-Momenin (p.b.u.h) and Ab Abdullah Al-Hussein (PBUH) after many years of waiting, were able to be sent to the Karbala by the efforts of this institution.

The caravan had special features from the start. Accompanied EB patients, naming each caravan as one of the mothers of Ahl e Beit and hosting pilgrims from 20 provinces of our country were unique features of this caravan.

EB disease is a hereditary disease in skin tissues that causes blistering in the skin and mucous membrane. The severity of the disease changes from mild to fatal. Unfortunately, due to the special appearance of this type of patients, they been forgotten for many years, but the Khadijeh (p.b.u.h) institution was able to send a number of these patients for the first time to visit Karbala, Najaf and ….

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