Holy prophet:Surely, God will be angered by Fatimahs displeasure and will be pleased by her pleasure.

Imam Ali (PBUH): He who commands you to improve your soul is the best whom you obey

Imam sadiq(PBUH): God will help a believer so long as he seeks to help his brethren.

Holy Prophet(PBUH): Man is influenced by the faith of his friends be careful of whom you associate with.

Imam sadiq(PBUH):By treating one’s family members well, one will prolong his life.

Holy Prophet (PBUH): Fātimah is the dearest person to me.

Imam Ali (PBUH): He who is moderate shall not taste poverty.

Third Stage Lottery

third stage lottery

Pilgrims of Karbala (first-time pilgrims) - Specially for nurses

Note: It is imperative that selected persons apply to the police of the 10+ city of your place of residence as soon as possible to obtain a passport.

Important note: As repeatedly stated in the program and site, the registration is for those who have not gone to Karbala so far, if at any stage the registrants do not have this condition, they will be removed even after the lottery.

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