Holy prophet:Surely, God will be angered by Fatimahs displeasure and will be pleased by her pleasure.

Imam Ali (PBUH): He who commands you to improve your soul is the best whom you obey

Imam sadiq(PBUH): God will help a believer so long as he seeks to help his brethren.

Holy Prophet(PBUH): Man is influenced by the faith of his friends be careful of whom you associate with.

Imam sadiq(PBUH):By treating one’s family members well, one will prolong his life.

Holy Prophet (PBUH): Fātimah is the dearest person to me.

Imam Ali (PBUH): He who is moderate shall not taste poverty.

Tying The Heart Of 95 Enthusiastic Pilgrims To Imam Rezas Steel Window

Tying the heart of 95 enthusiastic pilgrims to Imam Rezas steel window

Sending ninety-five enthusiastic pilgrims to holy Mashhad by two buses during the pilgrimage eve of his majesty.

With the help of the noble donators and the institution of Khadijah, peace be upon them, 95 enthusiastic and lover pilgrims of Samen al Hojjaj, Imam Ali ibn Musa al-Reza (p.b.u.h) will be sent to Mashhad on August 6th. For this caravan, various cultural programs have been prepared and clergymen and missionaries crew are expected to perform regular cultural programs in the bus and city of Mashhad.

All expenses of this trip are carried out on the hands of the benevolent guards and interested persons can transfer their good intentions to the number of these trips through the website of Hazrat Khadijah or *733*55#

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